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Find cheap educational software during recession

Educational software for home schoolteachers is a huge expense, which can be a big financial burden especially during the economic downturn. Incurring the expense and then finding that it is not as per your requirements can be a huge setback. Therefore, the following should be properly evaluated to buy cheap educational software.
Robustness: Because software is available does not mean that it is ready to be used. Do not buy the software if you have not seen it implemented in another home setting. If available, you must try using the application before making your decision.
Depth: There are some cheap educational software that are good for limited purposes. However, while choosing such applications because it puts extra pressure on the teachers.
Flexibility: Educational software should not follow a specific roadmap and provide flexibility to students. Such flexibility will help students learn out of the ordinary and give them more opportunities to grow.
Ease of use: The educational application chosen should be easy for the students to use. An application that requires students to navigate through several pages and buttons will confuse the students.
Support: While buying cheap educational software, check the support that is available in case you face any problems while using the application. Does the developer provide online support, forum discussion, or customer support staff to resolve problems at the quickest? These are some of the important questions that need to be answered before making the choice.
Number of simultaneous users: There are some applications that allow only one student to use the application. This may be a hindrance because often, home school setups require many simultaneous users at a time.
Pedagogy: Teachers must consider the age-appropriateness of an application, easy to learn content and availability of information in steps to assist students to learn quickly and easily. These features are important in good educational software.